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Show Me Plus Turtle Eggs Powder

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Functions :  enhance hair growth,  improve hair toning,  regulate skin contition,  immune boost,  improve digestive function

Net weight: 100g

Directions (daily):
1-2 spoons per day under 5 kg
2-3 spoons per day for 5-10 kg
3-5 spoons  per day for 10-20 kg
5 spoons per day for more than 20kg

For Dogs & Cats

SHOW ME PLUS Turtle Eggs Powder
📌 Small Molecules
📌 Good Absorption
📌 Enhance Hair Growth & Strengthening Physical Fitness in 30 days
📌 Improve Hair Toning
📌 Regulate Skin Condition

Store in cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight. Once opened, Can only be kept 7 days under room temperature or 6 months in refrigerator. Keep away from children.

Ingredient : Softshell turtle eggs, brewer's yeast,  hydrolyzed protein,  lecithin,  natural wheat germ

Suitable for Dogs & Cats / Small Animals

Our home made treats contains of no preservative at all,
once open up please use the zip provided on the plastic to close it up,
consume it within a month to keep it freshness.
Not open can be kept up to 6-9months,
keep it at sheltered area without direct sun contact,
treats that contains more oil can be kept in the fridge.

All order will normally takes 5-10 working days,
it all depends on the order waiting list.

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