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Show Me Plus Tear Stain Remover

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毛孩一旦有泪痕问题,它不止降低颜值,遇到严重的还伴有一股酸臭味,每当你棒着心爱的毛孩想一亲芳泽或者当宝贝想给你来一个爱的亲亲,传来的是一股酸酸咸咸的味道,Aiyo😨真的很Potong Steam咧!😱

泪痕的形成除了是饮食不当或者患有耳道感染,更大可能是鼻泪管阻塞,鼻泪管的阻塞导致眼泪无法正常从鼻泪管排出,就会从眼角流出眼泪,过量的泪水长时间沾湿毛发后滋生细菌从而形成一道深深的泪痕,而Show Me Plus泪腺液是为了拯救鼻泪管阻塞的宝贝而诞生!🤗

台湾人气赛级犬必备泪腺杀手–Show Me Plus Eye Vita 30ml 它帮助过无数毛孩主人解决宝贝的泪腺问题,最重要的是它👇🏻


1. 不喂食人类食物(经过盐巴调味食物)
2. 选购优质狗粮
3. 耳螨会导致泪痕,确保耳道清洁无褐色分泌物,无臭味。


Taiwan famous pet eye's care supplement. Main function is remove pet eye's tear stain. Show Me plus eye vita always helpful use on their show dog to prevent tear stain.

To remove and prevent tear stains problem, show me plus eye vita can give an effective help

No added chemicals, no hormones, made up of mostly plant extracts, most importantly no side effect for your dogs.

Suggested consumption:

1 tube per day under 5kg
2 tubes per day for 5-10kg
3 tubes per day for more than 10kg

Shelf life: 3 years

Validity period:On the bottle (year/month/day)welcome inbox to ask expired date ☺️

 Origin: Taiwan

Warming TIPS How to reduce tear stain:
1.  Avoid salty food (human food*after cook With salt)
2. Serve your pet premium quality pet food
3. Fix ear mites problem, because ear mites will cause tear stain.

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Our home made treats contains of no preservative at all,
once open up please use the zip provided on the plastic to close it up,
consume it within a month to keep it freshness.
Not open can be kept up to 6-9months,
keep it at sheltered area without direct sun contact,
treats that contains more oil can be kept in the fridge.

All order will normally takes 5-10 working days,
it all depends on the order waiting list.

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