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Chia Seed Chicky Stick

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奇亚籽含有Omega-3脂肪酸、Omega-6,、钙、钾、铁、锌、多样植物性蛋白质、维生素、矿物质、对于狗宝贝的毛发、皮肤及关节都有帮助,提供饱足感、促进排便、加强肠道蠕动,而且还是很好的抗氧化剂,让狗宝贝有健康的免疫系统。被称为超级食物 !




Our home made treats contains of no preservative at all,
once open up please use the zip provided on the plastic to close it up,
consume it within a month to keep it freshness.
Not open can be kept up to 6-9months,
keep it at sheltered area without direct sun contact,
treats that contains more oil can be kept in the fridge.

All order will normally takes 5-10 working days,
it all depends on the order waiting list.

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