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100% Natural Special Hevco Extra Virgin Coconut Oil For Dog & Cat

RM 55.00
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SPOONS HEVCO 椰子油和其它品牌有什么区别?





SPOONS special HEVCO 能有效地帮助您家宠物:






SPOONS HEVCO品牌比普通一般的椰子油多酚油脂含量强上七倍,是应该为您可爱宠物选择的最佳椰子油配方。

Product do not contain Preservatives and Additives during processing, all Coconuts are particularly selected to ensuring freshest and best quality, followed by refining the fruit flesh to obtain 100% pure natural coconut oil producible.

SPOONS successfully developed the world’s first rapid efficacy formula which prominent effects can be proven in a short duration and has been witnessed repeatedly.

This unique product is excellent for your Pets as a daily nutrient!
SPOONS special HEVCO effectively help your pets:
1.Promotes Healthy Skin & Coat
2. Improve Digestive System
3.Help Build Strong Bones
4. Lauric Acid For Immunity Support
5.Reduce Allergic Reactions

Our home made treats contains of no preservative at all,
once open up please use the zip provided on the plastic to close it up,
consume it within a month to keep it freshness.
Not open can be kept up to 6-9months,
keep it at sheltered area without direct sun contact,
treats that contains more oil can be kept in the fridge.

All order will normally takes 5-10 working days,
it all depends on the order waiting list.

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