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Premium Coffee Wood Dog Chew

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Natural Chew Toy For Dog 100% Coffee Tree From Vietnam

These hard chews support dental health and provide hours of chewing fun indoors or outside. Made from coffee wood, they're naturally odour-free. The chews also do not splinter into sharp fragments, instead, they break down into soft and small digestible chunks 

✅Help dogs to keep calm

✅Help to clean gums, teeth and strengthen the jaw muscles

✅Coffee Wood Chew is 100% natural and sustainable chew toy

✅Coffee Wood Chews are safe for dogs

❌Caffeine Free

Sizes: (In Approximation)

XS : Length: 11-12cm Diameter: 1.5-2.0cm 【Recommend 2-5 KGS DOG】

S : Length: 13-14cm Diameter: 2.0-2.5cm 【Recommend 5-10 KGS DOG】

M : Length: 17-18cm Diameter: 2.8-3.5cm 【Recommend 10-20 KGS DOG】

L : Length: 19-20cm Diameter: 3.8-4.5cm 【Recommend 20-25 KGS DOG】

XL : Length: 21-22cm Diameter: 4.6-5.5cm 【Recommend 25-35 KGS DOG】

Size may vary

Our home made treats contains of no preservative at all,
once open up please use the zip provided on the plastic to close it up,
consume it within a month to keep it freshness.
Not open can be kept up to 6-9months,
keep it at sheltered area without direct sun contact,
treats that contains more oil can be kept in the fridge.

All order will normally takes 5-10 working days,
it all depends on the order waiting list.

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